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Our products are created by an Aromatherapist of over 25 years.

This product was borne from the lack of quality (chemical free) perfumes on the market.

There are no animal products used nor have any animals suffered in the creation and production of these products.

We use 100% essential oils - most are organic as some oils can be difficult to source. Our oils come from a distillation process and not from chemical extraction.

There are no harmful chemicals in our products. No toxic substances exist in our products.

Our packaging is carefully chosen which exacts little to no impact on the environment.

We are happy to produce something that is completely beneficial and healthy to the individual and the environment.

If you are sensitive or suffer from any ailment or allergy, we recommend you purchase a low-cost tester first and try on the back of your hands. If you have any reactions you should wash your hands thoroughly.

Please use these products thoughtfully and be practical in application.

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